Tasting Notes

Honey, apricot, and a hint of tropical fruit on the nose suggest good things to come with our Brown Box Riesling…and they do. On the palate this wine is refreshing with hints of banana and melon as well as some honey and caramel sweetness on the finish.

Pairs well with

Honey-baked ham, pumpkin pie, and spicy dishes.


Rattlesnake Hills

Varietal Blend

84% Riesling; 9% Chenin Blanc; 7% Gewurztraminer

3 Liter Wine Cask
12.5% ALC By VOL.

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Great wines in a plain brown box

That is why we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on the wine inside while keeping our container plain and convenient. Brown Box Wines use only the best fruit found in the state of Washington and then carefully controls thewinemaking process to insure that every box is filled with the finest wines. To put it simply, Brown Box Wines are great wines in a plain brown box.